Youth Empowerment & Engagement

At GWED, we believe in the transformative power of youth. Our Youth Empowerment and Engagement program is an intentional participatory journey where young people's ideas, expertise, and experiences are integrated across all levels of our work.

We recognize that young voices are pivotal in shaping a sustainable future and strive to offer them platforms for advocacy, innovation, and leadership. Our approach includes overcoming socio-cultural, economic, and institutional barriers to unlock the full potential

Health Literacy in Immigrant Communities

Our Health Literacy program for Immigrant Communities focuses on bridging the gap in health knowledge among refugees and migrants. Understanding the unique challenges faced by these groups, including language barriers and lack of trust in state services, GWED's initiative delivers tailored health information in various languages through trusted channels.

Our programs include face-to-face workshops, social media campaigns, and collaborations with local health workers to ensure accessibility and relevance.

Internally Displaced Population

GWED is deeply committed to supporting the internally displaced population, who are often the most vulnerable and cut off from aid. Our program focuses on providing essential services, including shelter, healthcare, and protection, to those affected by forced displacement.

We coordinate with various agencies to ensure a comprehensive approach to assistance, addressing the urgent and long-term needs of displaced communities.

Community Health Training

GWED's Community Health Training program equips community health workers with the necessary skills to serve diverse populations effectively. Our training materials, developed in partnership with leading health agencies, cover a broad range of topics including cultural competence, patient assessment, health promotion, and disease prevention.

We focus on practical, hands-on training that encompasses both technical skills and community engagement. Through continuous evaluation and adaptation.