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YECI -Youth Empowerment and Career Incubation

The YECI program targets Black African American youth in Washington, DC, aiming to address systemic inequities and barriers, break harmful stereotypes, and provide a supportive environment. It builds self-confidence, resilience, safety, and leadership skills through training, workshops, and positive role models.

The program helps participants navigate challenges, set ambitious goals, and explore various career pathways with professional guidance. During the school year 2022-2023, 28 participants joined YWECI—50% from Ward 5, 21% from Ward 7, and 17% from Ward 8. Impressively, 18 successfully completed the training, with 13 receiving full funding through the OST grant for the fiscal year 2023.

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YECI Eight weeks of programming

The YECI program specifically targets youth from Wards where there is a high demand for Out of School Time (OST) program seats for at-risk youth. These include Ward 5 (15% for PreK to grade 8 and 15% for grade 9 to grade 12)and Wards 7 and 8, where the percentages of at-risk youth range from 20% to 28%for PreK to grade 8, and 15% to 19% for grades 9 to grade 12.

Know your body and understand the changes and take control of your own life.

Improve your leadership skills.

Increase your capacity to respond to health-related emergencies.

Plan for a successful career.

YECI Target demographic

1. 30 students selected througout the year
2. Youth ages 12 - 18 years old. 21 for students with IEPs
3. Ward 5, wad 7 and Ward 8

YECI also targets English as second language youth from French speaking  immigrant community. Youth Aged 12-18,  21 for students with IEPs, schools, and the entire community. The program size is 30 youths including boys and girls.

Our YECI Community Based Approach

By involving families meaningfully, the YECI program taps into the collective strength of the youth's support system, leading to increased motivation, improved outcomes, and sustained impact. Engaging families fosters a supportive environment that complements the program's efforts and maximizes positive outcomes for the youth. This unified approach enhances the youth's sense of stability, belonging, and emotional well-being

Parent Involvement

Involving parents/guardians in the registration processes promotes a sense of participation and investment in the program's success. Maintain consistent and open lines of communication with parents/guardians through recurrent emails and phone calls. Provide updates on program activities, share resources and opportunities, and solicit feedback. Conduct follow-up phone calls to support meeting individual needs.Consistent messaging and reinforcement at home increase the likelihood of sustained positive behaviors and academic success. The skills, values, and connections established through family engagement can affect the youth's personal and professional growth.

Our Team

Founder and Executive Director

Georgette Hatcheu, MEd


Caroline Berinyuy, Ph.D

Executive Secretary

Beatrice Tchapda


Beverly Pleasants

Community Health Training  Program

GWED's Community Health Program comprises a diverse array of initiatives designed to provide targeted populations with specific skills, ultimately fostering healthier communities. Our focus is on hands-on, practical training that covers technical skills and community engagement. The program includes: Training for Community Health Workers and  Training for Young Community Health Ambassadors 

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Training for Community Health Workers

Operating under the Collaborative of Equitable Public Health, GWED contributes to the training of multicultural and diverse background Community Health Workers. Our training materials, developed in collaboration with partner organizations, cover a wide range of topics such as cultural competence, human anatomy and physiology, patient support and first aid, health promotion, and disease prevention. Through ongoing evaluation and adaptation, we ensure the continued relevance and effectiveness of our programs, empowering community health workers to make a significant impact on the health and well-being of their communities.

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Training for Young Community Health Ambassadors

The Young Community Health Ambassadors Training is a key element of GWED's Community Health Program, focused on cultivating a group of passionate young individuals dedicated to enhancing health in their communities. This specialized training provides participants with essential knowledge and skills to effectively champion public health initiatives. Covering areas such as health education, communication, and community outreach, the program empowers ambassadors to engage with peers and community members on vital health issues. By nurturing leadership and a sense of responsibility, the training aims to inspire positive health behaviors, contributing to the overall well-being of the communities they serve.

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A Program to Build Health Literacy in underserved and at-risk communities

GWED's flagship program dedicated to advancing health literacy and empowerment. Specifically designed for Immigrant Communities, this initiative addresses the unique challenges faced by refugees and migrants, such as language barriers and mistrust in state services. Through face-to-face workshops, social media campaigns, and collaborations with local health workers, Empower Health delivers tailored health information in various languages, ensuring accessibility and relevance. Our commitment extends beyond specific demographics, as we strive to empower individuals from all walks of life with clear, engaging, and user-friendly health content. At GWED, we believe that health literacy is a fundamental right, and with Empower Health, we are building a society where everyone has the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about their well-being. Join us in fostering healthier, more informed communities.

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Emergency Preparedness

Safety Training is fundamental in GWED's Community Health Program, providing individuals with essential skills to respond effectively to emergencies and potential hazards, ensuring preparedness and well-being within communities.

First Aid, CPR/AED Training: Our First Aid, CPR/AED program focuses on life-saving skills, including first aid techniques, CPR, and AED usage. Participants become valuable assets in promoting community health by responding promptly to medical emergencies.

Babysitter Training: Tailored for babysitters, our training ensures they are well-prepared for childcare situations, covering child safety, basic first aid, and effective communication with parents. This empowers babysitters to create a secure environment for the children under their care.

Bloodborne Pathogens: Essential for safe environments, our Bloodborne Pathogens training educates individuals on prevention and proper handling of potential exposure situations. This knowledge is crucial for healthcare professionals, community workers, and those engaged in activities where exposure to bloodborne pathogens is a concern.

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International Programs

Internally displaced populations resettlement support:
GWED is deeply committed to supporting the internally displaced population, who are often the most vulnerable and cut off from aid. Our program provides essential services to those affected by forced displacement, including welcome hygiene and sanitation packages, educational support, and training. We coordinate with various agencies to ensure a comprehensive approach to assistance, addressing displaced communities' urgent and long-term needs. We aim to assist these populations, upholding their dignity and socio-economic power during their most challenging times.

Action for Girls and Women Engagement: GWED's Action for Girls and Women Engagement program focuses on empowering and uplifting marginalized populations. Through targeted initiatives, we provide educational support, skill training, and resources to enhance the socio-economic well-being of girls and women, fostering resilience and promoting gender equality.

Global Health Education:
As part of our commitment to international development, GWED's Global Health Education program aims to bridge healthcare gaps in vulnerable communities. Through comprehensive health education, awareness campaigns, and community engagement, we strive to improve health outcomes and empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to lead healthier lives.

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